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From: Roshni Dhal and Gaurav Madaan
Subject: Calling all Wannabe Internet Entrepreneurs

Hi I am Gaurav Madaan along with the affiliate superstar Roshni Dhal with a combined experience of 15 years in internet marketing space and living the internet marketing lifestyle.

You may have seen these beautiful faces encouraging people to start their own business and influencing them to think more from a desk job that pays peanuts irrespective of the hard work they put

Have a look on some of our success stories

Suraj Hegde

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Aniket Hood

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Nishad Bahulekar

The Affilerator course will take you from a novice marketer to an expert marketer in 5 sessions. Gaurav and Roshni will teach you about Sales funnels, a few technical aspects and how to get started in the fascinating world of Affiliate Marketing. This is not rocket science. You can do it too. The best part of the course is the ease at which you can get started. The investment is minimal and the returns are huge and long-term. Affiliate marketing works, period." I strongly recommend the affilerator course to newbies and also to those who are stuck with making limited profits in the affiliate marketing industry


Saahil Bajaj

This is the best course I ever had!! The amount of effort taken by you guys was commendable. Each part was covered so beautifully with no rush to just finish the course like all other courses online. I really missed lots of things just to attend this course and also asked my office timings to be changed so that I can attend it on time. Hopefully, if I keep on taking actions, soon I won't need to go to office only :P. once thankyou Gaurav and Roshini for the efforts and trouble you took for this course. And Gaurav as always you not only fill us with knowledge but also give so much motivation to apply the knowledge you imparted to us. I can write tons about it but do it but the best way will be earning better commissions. GREAT course LOVELY mentors. Thank you :)

You are Next Super Affiliate with Afffilertor

Sawankumar Tak

Yess By attending this course you will definatly became Zero to hero Afffilertor. I was in dilema that becaming affilerator is not our business its too hard but Gaurav And Roshni made it so simple everybody can became affilerator within week. a lot new stuffs to learn Every Enthusiast affilerator must join.

Best Affiliate Marketing Course

Sajan Watts

Best Course i have ever opt.Thanks gaurav.I have learnt alot.

Getting here for us wasn’t easy… Behind this shiny lifestyle and delightful destinations… there is a lot of hard work of us and our students

But we were lucky enough to figure out the basic and most ignored math of Time, Energy and Money. The simple equation to results Freedom… time and money

Sounds enticing? But before we begin…

Why you want this lifestyle?

You know what we are talking about right. You saw the shimmering golden Opportunity of Digital Marketing..

And you began your hunt..

You enquired for the Digital Marketing Course.

You were shown dreams, dreams of making lakhs sitting at your Couch.

  • You had the Talent..
  • You had the Zeal..
  • You had the Vision..
  • You knew exactly what you had to do..

You joined a Digital Marketing Institute and then what…

What is holding you back?

You joined a Digital Marketing Institute and then what… You’re Stuck Because

  • There was not enough Guidance
  • They did not share the secrets with you
  • Too Less Actionable Information


You had to work Real hard without any Support just to get that Low Paying Unsatisfying Job..

With each passing day, your excitement for your Big Dreams of making lakhs gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it’s gone..

Money Wasted… Time Wasted… with little or nothing to show for it.

And this is where most Internet Entrepreneurs Dreams Die…

What if we told you that all those dreams could paint out just as you planned..

just with the right knowledge and guidance…

We want to introduce you to Affilerator

Leverage your Marketing Knowledge to make not just lakhs but millions right from your couch..

Yes, Affilerator was created So that Wannabe Internet Entrepreneurs like You…

Who were not shared the right knowledge

Who were not shared the right strategies

Who were misguided

…CAN easily be Tomorrow’s Affiliate Marketing Superstars.

Let us show you how it works

Get the Right Knowledge by watching our Detailed 21 Hours Training

Pick your Done for you Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel provided by us

Use our proven Free Traffic Strategy to validate the Funnel and get the Initial Sales

Scale Your Funnels with our guidance for a Long Term Sustainable Business

And the Most Important Part, while making the money you desire.

Let’s Dig Deep and Check what you are going to learn with this

Module #1

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Every basic that you need to know about affiliate marketing

Module #2

Understanding Different Affiliate Networks

Know most profiting affiliate networks and they work

Module #3

Tricks to Get Approvals at Ease

Simple follow step to get approval to any offer on almost any network

Module #4

The Case Study Ninja

This is an evergreen method to promote a product with the help of social proof.

Module #5

The Bridge Makeover

After all every offer needs a bridge because we make you think better than most creators. This prevents blindness.

Module #6

The Review Mechanism

Reviews are the best way to get someone to buy. It's like giving food to the hungry.

Module #7

The Video Jedi

The consistent out-performer and it scales exponentially which requires no paid promotion. It's quite a scalable technology.

Module #8

The Bonus Wizard

No one helps you differentiate better than our bonus wizard methods. Shine out as a top affiliate in the most competitive industries.

Module #9

The Membership Lock In

One and only long term authority infusing method that will force your prospects to pull money out of their pockets and buy it from your link.

Module #10

Running Automated Facebook Ads Affiliate Funnels

Learn how to automatically setup your facebook ad campaigns to get commission on autopilot

Module #11

Setting up Winning Autoresponder Sequence

Create and setup email sequence so you never leave any subcriber without converting into a repeated buyer

Our DFY Funnels will always help you
build your Email List,

so that the money keeps coming, even after you have white hair…

You don’t have to worry about:

Niche Selection

Writing Emails

Lead Magnets

Setting up the High Converting Bridge Pages

Follow up Sequences

Facebook Ads

With our Done for you Funnels, you just got to drive the traffic and count the cash.

Just take a look what our students are saying

Literally In Less than 10 minutes of Work, you can have your Funnel Giving you commissions which would have taken you Weeks to do..

Or yourself months (if not years) to figure out on your own..

What’s the Best Affiliate Marketing Strategy?

A Proven Affiliate Funnel that generates hefty commissions for you 24/7, can reach out to targeted people at once and that does not demand a heavy Paycheque..

Yes Affilerator gives you the Right Guidance and Knowledge to turn your Shimmering Dreams into Hefty Paypal Commissions.

Now you don’t have to worry about:

Your Boss

Your Growth

The Never Ending Corporate Race

Or The Job Security

Affilerator takes care of all…

In one line...



Affilerator is a dream come true for all aspiring Affiliate Marketers, It is designed to fill your Affiliate Accounts with Recurring Commissions Every Single Day

  • Affiliate Marketing Basics
  • Understanding Different Affiliate Networks
  • Tricks to Get Approvals at Ease
  • The Case Study Ninja
  • The Bridge Makeover
  • The Review Mechanism
  • The Video Jedi
  • The Bonus Wizard
  • The Membership Lock In
  • Running Automated Facebook Ads Affiliate Funnels
  • Setting up Winning Autoresponder Sequence

Get Afffilertor Today

21 Hours of Pre Recorded Videos

Facebook Community

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we are not finished yet...

We have come the same way you are getting.. Knowledge is not
useful without proper tools…
And we are not leaving you alone here too

We are giving you the complete kickstart Suit
As bonus just for the early birds

Bonus #1

Free Web Hosting 1 Year

Host your website and funnels with us for one year without any extra cost

Bonus #2

Done for your 2500 Email Headlines

Profitable email campaigns with our ready to your email headlines. Twist them or use it as

Bonus #3

Done for you 2500 Emails

We are giving 2500+ emails suitable for every niche pro prfitable email campaigns

Bonus #4

3 Done for you Copy Paste Affiliate Funnels

Start your affiliate commission machines by modifying or replicating affiliate funnels

So what are you waitng for...?

Take the action now... and kickstart your affiliate marketing career for the life you always dreamt of

The Clock Is Ticking...

If you've been struggling with making money online or offline... and you're ready to take things to the next level...

It can all change the moment you invest in the Affilerator

Picture right now, how it will feel the moment when you will see your commissions flowing in your account.

You feel excited and filled with anticipation...

You see profits flooding your account week after week...

You are experiencing the energy, the confidence and life-changing results you deserve... at long last!

All because you decided this is the day to take the action necessary.

Just do it.

To Your Success: Roshni Dhal and Gaurav Madaan


Q - What benefit will i drive from the Affilerator?

A - After the program, you will be able to generate sustainable and scalable affiliate commissions like a Pro Affiliate.

Q - How will i Access the Course?

A - On Signup, you would be given unique credentials to a Members Area, where you can access all the Content of Affilerator.

Q - What are the Methods that will be discussed on the Videos?

A - We will discuss 6 unique methods which will help you to generate your sustainable and scalable affiliate commissions like a clockwork.

Q - Are there any Other Investments Required?

A - For becoming a True Affiliate Marketer, you would need a Page Builder and an Autoresponder. Other than these 2 things, nothing else is required.